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Looking for cheap motels in Portland Oregon or a Portland airport motel? Nordic Motels located just less than four miles from the Portland PDX airport is the perfect place for conventions or seminars.

Portland Luxury Hotels: Stay With Style

By Megha Poddar -- Luxurious hotels, is a place where comfort and style converge! Portland, a city of Roses, consist several zones for comfort and attractiveness and luxury hotels are one of them. Welcome to the Deluxe and luxury hotels in Portland - a memorable recital offered with the genuine smile and the royal amenities. Earlier it was thought that luxury hotels are the place for chiefs and royal people who stay all time in gracious accommodations with finest... more

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Cheap Motels

By Dhiraj Bandurkar -- Many of us have an undying urge to travel and explore places. But at times the urge needs to be compromised on due to budget constraints. Or many a times travel plans need to be organized according to the budget. So finally, if the budge plays an important role, the accommodation options require bit research to find out the perfect balance of funds and the right place to stay. This is where the cheap motels... more

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Your Guide To Find Cheap Motels

By Christa Kowalczyk -- Motels in the United States have a long and interesting history that dates back to a couple of decades. Generally motels differed from hotels in their prominence on largely anonymous interactions between owners and occupants, their location along highways, and their orientation to the outside. In a motel the doors to the rooms face the parking lot or the road which is contrary to the hotels where the doors face inside... more

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