Portland Restaurants

Finding the right restaurants in a city that offers all kinds of food is rare but not impossible. The city of Portland has restaurants that offer Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, Cambodian, and lots of other exotic foods to fit anyone's taste.

Choosing a Good Indian Restaurant

By James Cox -- The choice of an Indian restaurant largely depends on with whom you are dining. If you are dining with your date, check out the restaurants that offer a romantic evening meal. If you are taking kids and family out for dinner then your choice of ambiance has to be appropriate for a family. Above all, you are there to taste authentic Indian food. And as a diner if you are familiar with good Indian food,... more

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How To Find A Good Restaurant Abroad

By Mark Hammond -- Research your area! The internet has opened up many different options when it comes to researching a specific area for restaurants. Not only can you find out how far the restaurant is from your hotel or accommodation, but you can find reviews from other people who have eaten there! Yahoo! and Google offer some of the best restaurant guides online for your convenience; so if you're looking at a specific area, look on the internet... more