The pride of Portland is the fact that it is an environmentally friendly city that has laws to protect its environment and has outdoor recreation like bike relays setup each year. Outdoor recreations will help boost people's awareness to protect Portland's natural environment.

Choosing the Right Recreational Sport for yourself

By Philip Rotich -- There are several options of recreational sports available for all age categories ranging from indoor to outdoor. Making the decision on which choice to pursue can be a real challenge and this varies significantly from one person to the other. For former professional athletes, the decision may be easier especially if they continue participating in their particular former professional sports, only at recreational level. The big task of choosing the right recreational sport is however... more

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Family Ties and Outdoor Recreation

By Mark Gittelman -- Ensure that video games, portable DVD players, CD players, iPods, laptops and other electronic equipment are left at home. Books, magazines and reading material is fine for the drive. Ditch everyone's cell phones at home except for your own and your spouse's. That way, in case of an emergency, you'll still be able to communicate. Make a solemn promise to yourself, no business calls and no text messages while you're on family time. Try to... more